Eagle Nest Lake has not been scheduled to reopen yet but the Cimarron has been and is open for day use. See photo for list of new state parks scheduled to open the 15th.

Can' wait to be dropping in again! In the mean time we wanted to give everyone a Fly Shack Update; We are currently closed and are hoping to be open again soon but in the mean time the Fly Shack Crew and Guides are keeping positive even though we have no work right now. In an attempt to keep everyone going we have come up with some great raffles and have updated our online store to show our newest products. Raffles and online inventory will be updated regularly. We will also have some free giveaways that we will make sure to advertise as they come. Web site link will be posted below and our first raffle will be a JACKSON KAYAK!!! There are only 17 raffle available so if its sold out stay tuned for the next raffle!