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Rio Grande

45.5 Miles to Rio Grande Fishing  

The Rio Grande River originates in the Rio Grande National Forest located just east of the Continental Divide in Colorado. From the base of the San Juan Mountains, several streams and tributaries gather speed while making its way into New Mexico. The Rio Grand cuts deep and shows its long lasting impression on our beautiful state with steep canyon walls that lead to opportunities of some of the bigger fish that New Mexico rivers have to offer. Big fish lurk in these waters, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, even Small Mouth Bass, these fish eat other fish and can sometimes prefer streamers or large lures/MEALS. On occasion, with the right fly and techniques you can fool a large trout into taking that fly. With patience while presenting your choice of fly, and a display of patience while attempting to land these larger fish, you could find yourself with your heart pacing and a huge Brown/Rainbow in your net!

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