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Surrounding Waters

Born and Raised fly fishing in New Mexico, I have fished this beautiful state from corner to corner. I can tell you first hand that these waters offer the best combination of variety and quality of fishing that this state has to offer. Eagle Nest Fly Shack  is surrounded by great fisheries that hold Trout, Northern Pike, Carp, Walleye, and even fresh water Kokanee Salmon... Eagle Nest is within an easy reach of some of the best fishing that New Mexcio has to offer. Eagle Nest Fly Shack is offering durable and innovative Carp, Pike, and Trout flies. All Flies are tied in "The Fly Shack"! Come in and check them out while getting an up to date fishing report. 


Here are a few introductions to some of the highlights within an hour of Eagle Nest, NM. 

~Timothy R. Urtiaga


Eagle Nest Lake
Carp caught fly fishing in Eagle Nest Lake, Eagle Nest, NM by Professional Fly Fishing Guide Timothy R. Urtiaga This is just a take of what fishing and fly fishing on this lake can produce. Fly Fishing Eagle Nest Lake produces trout, pike, carp, & salmon

Eagle Nest Lake was founded in 1916 with an approval to dam up the Cimarron River. The dam was finished by 1918 with a 42 foot wide base, climbing up 140 ft above where the creek bed used to be. At 400 ft wide it is thought to be the largest Privately built dam in the U.S. This breathtaking lake is home to some of best fly fishing, lure fishing,and bait fishing in the South West. With an abundance of fish, you can take your choice, Northern Pike, Large Rainbows, Fresh water Salmon (Kokanee), Perch, and Huge Carp, which can all be caught from a boat, from the shore, or even on a thick layer of ice. Eagle Nest Lake sits at 8,300’ elevation, between two of New Mexico's highest peaks, (Baldy Peak 12,441 and Wheeler Peak 13,161) making it a cool retreat from summer heat or a winter wonderland. This is a Premier Fishing destination that cannot be passed up! 

Red River
Fly fishing the Red River Can be most productive in the fall months. guide trips/guided fly fishing trips in northern new mexico. some of the best fly fishing New Mexico has to offer. Fly fishing at its best.

17 Miles from Eagle Nest, NM. You can find the Red River and four different species of Trout. This natural, crystal clear flowing river offers Cutthroat Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Brown Trout. Starting at over 10,850 ft, fed by snow melt and natural springs, the Red River travels for 18 miles and pours into the famous Rio Grande River. Chose to fish above 9,000 ft to find an abundance of Cutthroat and Brook Trout with bright vibrant colors. At the other end Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout populate the lower section in larger numbers.  Near The Red River Hatchery, North of Taos NM, the river multiplies in size, and so do the size of the fish.. With a bigger environment, and bigger hatches, these fish have the recipe to grow over 20 inches long. With an opportunity and options to hike, a mile or two doesn't seem so far if you could have an opportunity to catch a trophy trout! Fly fishing  offers an advantage in these clear waters because of up stream fishing techniques.

Cimarron River

Cimarron River is home to Bear, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Elk, Turkey, Eagles and the best part, World Class Fishing and Fly Fishing! Flowing out of Eagle Nest Lake, the Cimarron River is known for producing large, natural spawning, Trophy Brown Trout. Year after year the Cimarron River has been recognized as one of the best rivers to fish in New Mexico. It is a very technical water shed that holds large rainbows as well as brown trout, with opportunity and access for fishermen of every level. Within 5 Minutes from the town of Eagle Nest, NM, you can choose to drive along the road, fishing deep pockets with easy access, or choose to crawl, climb, or smash through the bushy thorn terrain that could hold the fish of a lifetime. This bushy terrain and clean running river water offers a healthy ecosystem for bugs, making this one of the best Fly Fishing Destinations for dry fly and nymph fishing. 

Rio Grande River
Fly Fishing the Rio Grande can be productive year round. Guide Trip, guided fly fishing trips in northern New Mexico book your fly fishing guide trip today!

The Rio Grande River originates in the Rio Grande National Forest located just east of the Continental Divide in Colorado. From the base of the San Juan Mountains, several streams and tributaries gather speed while making its way into New Mexico. The Rio Grand cuts deep and shows its long lasting impression on our beautiful state with steep canyon walls that lead to opportunities of some of the bigger fish that New Mexico rivers have to offer. Big fish lurk in these waters, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, even Small Mouth Bass, these fish eat other fish and can sometimes prefer streamers or large lures/MEALS. On occasion, with the right fly and techniques you can fool a large trout into taking that fly. With patience while presenting your choice of fly, and a display of patience while attempting to land these larger fish, you could find yourself with your heart pacing and a huge Brown/Rainbow in your net!

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