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Eagle Nest Lake

Located in the Village of Eagle Nest 

Eagle Nest Lake was founded in 1916 with an approval to dam up the Cimarron River. The dam was finished by 1918 with a 42 foot wide base, climbing up 140 ft above where the creek bed used to be. At 400 ft wide it is thought to be the largest Privately built dam in the U.S. This breathtaking lake is home to some of best fly fishing, lure fishing,and bait fishing in the South West. With an abundance of fish, you can take your choice, Northern Pike, Large Rainbows, Fresh water Salmon (Kokanee), Perch, and Huge Carp, which can all be caught from a boat, from the shore, or even on a thick layer of ice. Eagle Nest Lake sits at 8,300’ elevation, between two of New Mexico's highest peaks, (Baldy Peak 12,441 and Wheeler Peak 13,161) making it a cool retreat from summer heat or a winter wonderland. This is a Premier Fishing destination that cannot be passed up!

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