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Top Things To Do In And Around Eagle Nest 


Eagle Nest Is lucky to be within a vast number of rivers, streams, and lakes within an hour’s drive. You can visit our local waters page for more info on our top 4 or stop into our shop for information on other options. We are always available by call or text on our shop phone to check fishing conditions or get information. A great option to learn the area’s fishing options, Brush up on your skills, or learn to fly fish is taking a guide trip with Eagle Nest Fly Shack & Lodge. The guides will tailor your experience to your skill level and goals.



Eagle Nest is Surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and state parks that provide a variety of hiking opportunities to fit any skill level. Hiking trails are marked at the trailheads and can be seen on the maps of the specific locations. For Eagle Nest Lake and Cimarron Canyon, you can pick up a map in our shop Showing the Trails.

Wildlife Viewing

Eagle Nest has an abundance of amazing wildlife in the area. Deer and Elk can be commonly seen roaming the open fields in the valley as well as near Eagle Nest Lake. There is also a wide variety of birds in the area such as Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles, Pelicans, Ducks, Hawks, Falcons, Turkey, and Blue Herrings. Occasionally Bears, Mountain Lions, Foxes, and Cougars will be seen in the village or in the trees in the canyon. The native wildlife is always an exciting sight to see when visiting Eagle Nest.  

Shooting Star


The minimal light pollution in the Eagle Nest area makes it a perfect opportunity for stargazing. Whether you are an avid stargazer or just someone taking in the sights it is one to not be missed. At times the Milky way can be seen within and outside of village limits as long as weather permits. If visiting the Eagle Nest area on a clear night be sure to look up and take in the amazing sight!


Eagle Nest Lake offers the perfect opportunity for kayaking and boating. The 2000-acre lake provides fishing, nature, and history all in one. Take a ride to Eagle Nest damn to view the 100-year-old privately built damn. In the canyon of the damn wildlife is also frequently seen. Be sure to check the weather forecast before heading out on the water as winds can get torturous on the lake. Eagle Nest Fly Shack & Lodge can provide foot peddle, hand paddle, and 2-person kayak rentals for your adventure.


Self Guided Scenic Byway Driving Tour

Eagle Nest is part of the well-known Enchanted Circle. The Enchanted Circle is made up of Eagle Nest, Red River, Questa, Taos, and Angel Fire. You can take a self-guided scenic byway tour of the enchanted circle in the afternoon. The entire circle is about 84 miles long and will take 2-3 hours to complete with minimal stops, but trust us you will want to stop and take in some of the sights, shops, and history. Breweries, art studios, historic buildings, landmarks, and local flora can all be seen on this tour. We recommend In Eagle Nest walking the village and visiting the local shops then stopping at the Comanche Creek Brewery on your way to Red River. Red River is a larger town with a large variety of food options as well as the River passing through town. Continuing on to  Questa the Red River Hatchery is a fun and interesting tour that should not be missed. The town of Taos is the largest in the Enchanted Circle with an abundance of food and art studios and the historic plaza is a wonderful stop. Angel Fire is the last stop on the Enchanted circle route with a small community lake, a resort, and a ski mountain that offers downhill mountain biking, scenic chairlift rides, hiking, and skiing. The self-guided scenic byway tour is a great way to experience the local culture and history of the area.      

Mountain Biking 

Eagle Nest is lucky to be close to both traditional mountain bike trails as well as Angel Fire Resort which transforms its ski area into a downhill bike park in the offseason. In the Mountains, trailheads will be marked with the activities that are allowed on specific trails. Depending on where you park a $5 parking fee may be required if within the state parks, in most cases no parking fee is required for national park trails.  For the downhill park, a ticket must be purchased from the Angel Fire Resort box office and parking within their designated areas. Downhill bike rentals can also be obtained from the Angel Fire resort for a daily fee.

mountain biking.jpg


In the Winter Eagle Nest is lucky to have easy access to 3 amazing ski resorts and serves as the perfect hub to visit them all. The closest ski area is Angel Fire with Red River being the second and Taos being the furthest, largest, and most well-known. .


Angel Fire resort also offers zipline experiences  (May 14, 2021 – September 12, 2021).  Fly through the high elevation mountains and trees for an exhilarating experience. Reservations are required to zipline at the angel fire resort and can be made through the resort website.  All Necessary equipment will be provided by the tour.


Village of Eagle Nest Self Guided Walking Tour 

One of our favorite things to do in Eagle Nest is the self-guided walking tour. The village of Eagle Nest Created a self-guided walking tour through the town that provides history and facts about the village. Throughout the village, you will see light blue signs that take you around to the different stations. While on the tour you can visit the local specialty shops or stop at one of the events at the park if they are happening at that time. The self-guided walking tour is a fun way to explore the village of Eagle Nest.

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